Friday, September 20, 2019

Seize the Moment

Wow! Let's resurrect this blog! If anyone tries to tell you "life changes when you have kids" - no matter how much you believe them, you are still NOT prepared for the massive transformation you and your partner's lives will change! Case in point - I had intended on blogging throughout my pregnancy. Nope. Then I thought for sure I'd pick it up after the baby was born. Nope again. Surely once she gets a little older and more independent...? Nuh-uh! Okay, how about those preschool years when she's playing more independently and maybe even going to school for a few hours a week? Big cup o'nope!

I still KNEW that one day I'd post something was only a matter of time. That time is now. But I've gotta keep it short cuz I hear her playing out in the backyard right now and my time is also very short.

So quickly, we had a baby girl (if you don't know that by now, you've been living under a rock, seriously.)! And I went from working from home full time to part time to not at all, transforming overnight into a SAHM (stay at home mom)! I LOVE IT!!! Well, now baby girl (BG) is FOUR! And in PRESCHOOL! AHHH!!!! So I have all kinds of free time now, right? WRONG! Mama had to get a part time "yob" so we can afford the wonderful preschool we wanted BG to attend. And we thought she was teaching us something new everyday just be her mere existence...NOW she's teaching us all kinds of other things I never dreamed of! (Insert incredulous emoji here...sorry not enough time to go find a cool gif or something).

And the sort of biggest thing going on in our lives right now (besides stressful work and super fun times with a 4 yo) is that Mama has started riding a bike!! (Of course BG has a bike...don't all 4 year olds?!) But this mama who has been unable to find the right kind of motivation she needs to lose that "baby weight" (Guess what - it's not called baby weight when your "baby" is FOUR!) and all the other stuff around the middle that's appeared over the last couple of years, has finally found that motivation. In the form of a 150 kilometre bike ride that is happening a mere week before my husband and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

THAT is what I hope to find time to share about in these next 7 or so weeks. The motivation. The fun. The suffering. The sweat. The suffering. The transformation. Have I mentioned the suffering? Actually, I hope there is more fun than suffering, but I have only just begun to train for the ride of my life. And so it shall be called my "Seize the Ride" experience.

WHY? More on that later. The little one downstairs has become eerily silent...

Will I survive or will it kill me?

Stay tuned

We will see

To be continued...

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