Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Best Lemonade Ever, Part 1

“When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

There really are no words to adequately express the Pure awesomeness of this past weekend. Let me try it this way: 




Ya see what I did there? 🤪😎

Even all of those words aren’t enough. Once in a lifetime? Perhaps but I hope not! 😝 
The festivities started on Friday night with a charity gala at Bill Walton’s house. At one point I wondered if we’d even make it there! Babysitter mixup and my husband’s busy stressful week at work...but God did not disappoint us! In fact, when I think back about our plans for this weekend, it was similar to our birth plan when I was pregnant! 😂 A lot of things did not go as planned and everything worked out perfectly! My angel mom friend Toni came over to help me get fancy (hair, makeup, etc) AND she stayed to watch BG for us 💚 We arrived later than hoped but we managed a few minutes to mingle before dinner.

Two hundred people mingled throughout Bill’s memorabilia-filled downstairs and patio over appetizers and special IPA craft brewed specifically for the weekend event. I even got the chance to chat with the guy who used to hold the record for winning the most green jerseys in the Tour de France, Erik Zabel. He asked about my arm and when I explained it to him, he immediately made me feel better. “Ah yes I have done that as well! It happens so fast there is not enough time to clip out of your pedahls. Lots of professional cyclists have done the same. It is very common actually!” Such a nice guy! Another guy asked if my green cast was just for this event and we got to tell him the story. I even had a couple of people come by and take pictures of my cast 🤪 Too funny.

Dinner and the rest of the event occurred out on Bill’s tennis courts—imagine 200 people converging on fancy-lit tennis courts. It was super cool and I wish I’d taken more pictures. The atmosphere was amazing, as was the food and all the people we met. Interestingly, there seemed to be a lot of chatter about the Tour of California not happening next year. 

Once the program began and all the “shop talk” started, I felt like I was finally among the people of the cycling world. I thought, “OMG These are my people!!!” It felt like Cycling Twitter had come to life for me and it was so exciting to be around this kind of energy 🤩

The interviews with Erik and Peter were awesome! I recorded Peter’s (and then of course watched a much better quality video of it the next morning from Twitter!), and the auction was jaw dropping 😳💪 In a very short time, nearly $100K was raised for CAF and Outride. The items auctioned off were so amazing, we may have to budget for one of them for next year!

We got to chat with Gabri for awhile at the end and what a fantastic conversation we had! That guy is absolutely hilarious 🤣 and so fun to talk with about anything!

We got home to a beautiful sleeping princess who had been on the couch waiting for us. And none of us could have imagined how amazing our weekend adventures would turn out. Especially for this little one 😉

Stay tuned...

Friday, November 8, 2019

Getting dropped...

In cycling, the phrase “getting dropped” means you’re falling behind the group you’re riding with. So with regard to timely posts in this blog, you could say I’ve been dropped. There’s always a reason for getting dropped, and my case is no exception (wink).

Two weeks ago, during our 5-hour training ride, I experienced a significant setback that ultimately ended my training 😩 After 3 hours in the saddle I made a really stupid mistake and boy did I learn from this one! 😳 I stupidly decided to follow my husband off trail and then, when I realized the incline was too steep and I was going way to slow, I forgot to clip out, and fell, comically apparently, onto my right side. I landed very hard on my right wrist. My dear husband gave me a few minutes to gather myself before approaching, which gave me time to cry a little, more for my bike than me at that moment. I was mad at myself for hurting my bike right after it got tuned up.

My wrist hurt but I could move it (barely), and I guess I’m a true cyclist now because I rode my bike injured for a good 3km back to the car. I’ll spare the details for now and just summarize with this: If I could take that moment back, I would not hesitate.

The last two weeks have been challenging, to say the least. I’m in a cast, and I need assistance with the most basic daily tasks. I’m even typing this with my left hand. Oh yeah and I’m right handed 😳

The bottom line: I’ve got a hairline fracture on my radius 🦴  right where the bone meets my wrist, and besides being told I can’t drive, I am officially out of the ride this weekend. That has been very hard for me to accept. However, my husband will ride and we will make the most of it with all the other festivities starting tonight at the charity gala at Bill Walton’s house!

Oh yeah, and of course I got a GREEN cast! 💚 I mean, we ARE celebrating SEVEN GREEN JERSEYS in the Tour de France after all. And when I get asked how I did it, my answer will be “Practicing my wheelies!” 🤪 Why so serious 🤪