Friday, November 8, 2019

Getting dropped...

In cycling, the phrase “getting dropped” means you’re falling behind the group you’re riding with. So with regard to timely posts in this blog, you could say I’ve been dropped. There’s always a reason for getting dropped, and my case is no exception (wink).

Two weeks ago, during our 5-hour training ride, I experienced a significant setback that ultimately ended my training 😩 After 3 hours in the saddle I made a really stupid mistake and boy did I learn from this one! 😳 I stupidly decided to follow my husband off trail and then, when I realized the incline was too steep and I was going way to slow, I forgot to clip out, and fell, comically apparently, onto my right side. I landed very hard on my right wrist. My dear husband gave me a few minutes to gather myself before approaching, which gave me time to cry a little, more for my bike than me at that moment. I was mad at myself for hurting my bike right after it got tuned up.

My wrist hurt but I could move it (barely), and I guess I’m a true cyclist now because I rode my bike injured for a good 3km back to the car. I’ll spare the details for now and just summarize with this: If I could take that moment back, I would not hesitate.

The last two weeks have been challenging, to say the least. I’m in a cast, and I need assistance with the most basic daily tasks. I’m even typing this with my left hand. Oh yeah and I’m right handed 😳

The bottom line: I’ve got a hairline fracture on my radius 🦴  right where the bone meets my wrist, and besides being told I can’t drive, I am officially out of the ride this weekend. That has been very hard for me to accept. However, my husband will ride and we will make the most of it with all the other festivities starting tonight at the charity gala at Bill Walton’s house!

Oh yeah, and of course I got a GREEN cast! 💚 I mean, we ARE celebrating SEVEN GREEN JERSEYS in the Tour de France after all. And when I get asked how I did it, my answer will be “Practicing my wheelies!” 🤪 Why so serious 🤪


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