Sunday, November 24, 2019

Best Lemonade Ever, Part 3

WAIT! This is the third post in a series. If you have not already read the earlier posts, please do so before reading this one! Start with Part One and then Part Two

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s continue to the best part of the day, and possibly the entire weekend...BOWLING!

Wait, what?! How can bowling be exciting?? Well, let me tell you...with Peter Sagan, ANYTHING can be exciting 😉 This was probably the most “intimate” of the VIP events. Private bowling alley with open bar and all the bowling your heart desires for roughly 2 hours. And Peter spent time visiting at each of the 4 lanes. We were especially graced with his presence as he spent a good half-hour bowling with our very own Baby Girl! ðŸĨ° It was the most tender of moments while onlookers watched with delight as Peter, the pro cycling GOAT and most popular cyclist on the planet, gave our precious 4 year old a private bowling lesson. We weren’t quite sure who was having more fun, the little girl or the big kid, and no one dared interrupt this precious moment. Meanwhile the photographers had a field day and inevitably captured this moment perfectly ðŸĨ°

It was definitely the highlight of my weekend, BG had the time of her life, and as my husband pointed out, she didn’t seem to care who he was, which quite possibly made this time even more enjoyable for Superstar Sagan. Although I must add, my daughter is a huge fan of Peter and gets excited whenever she sees him, whether on-screen or in person. In fact, she calls the rainbow jersey AND the green jersey (of any cycling discipline) “Sagan jerseys.” and was quite confused when he “let” someone else wear the rainbow bands this past season ðŸĪŠ Remember, she’s four, so he’s worn that jersey most of her life ðŸĪ·ðŸŧ‍♀️🙃

Now that they’ve played together, Peter is most definitely her friend and she solidified that with hugs and high fives during their time together. At the end of the night, she leapt into his arms and gave him a huge hug and kiss as if he was a favorite uncle. A night my husband and I will never forget, and we hope one which will also live in the memories of both BG and Peter for many years to come 💚

In Peter’s world of racing and so much popularity, I have to believe these moments shared with his youngest fans hold a special place in his heart. Small children are little people with no facades, no expectations or biases. They are innocent and pure and honest and without hidden agendas or the obscurity that crazy adult fans tend to carry with them. If I was someone with limited privacy and downtime like Mr Sagan, I think interacting with “Littles” would bring me the greatest joy, reminders of the simplicity of life and its greatest treasures. While representing our future world, These precious little people are quite possibly our best representation of how to live “Why so serious?”

(Photos courtesy of the Sagan Fondo Gran Roadie-Oh event photographers) 

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