Monday, March 9, 2020

Girl dads are the best

Last night, Baby Girl (BG) experienced a mini-milestone—she received her first little bottle of nail polish, Princess Rapunzel Purple in fact, with sparkly princess toe separators 🤩 She was so excited you’d have thought I gave her a puppy. It was so precious. She promptly asked if I would paint her nails, and we shared a tender moment as I painted her finger nails while she sat in my lap. 

Lately BG has been keen on “painting” her finger- and toenails with a purple marker. She also enjoys painting ours 🤪 So I decided to lookup on Amazon whether there was some kind of “kid-safe” version of nail polish available. (Duh, of course Mama, where’ve you been?!) Oh boy do they! Pick your favorite character—My Little Pony, Trolls, Minnie Mouse, and of course Disney Princesses. Nontoxic, water-based, peel-off, etc. Of course I had to get the princess ones. Tiny little bottles shaped like ball gowns 😍 I decided to give her just one for now; after all, her birthday and Easter are just a few weeks away.

And what a hit! She painted her own toenails, then Daddy’s! And then Daddy’s finger nails too! Before peeling off polish from her own nails and painting them again 🤪

This Girl Dad is once again The Best Daddy Ever. 🤘🥳😍

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