Saturday, March 21, 2020

We’re all in this together...alone

This week evolved somewhat unexpectedly, yet if you’ve been paying attention to current world events, not surprisingly. Monday began with Daddy working from home (his favorite thing...not!) and Baby Girl (BG) starting an early Spring Break because, of all things, a lack of cleaning supplies available to purchase 🤦🏻‍♀️ Panic buying and hoarding has become a worldwide epidemic alongside this pandemic. First it was ridiculous amounts of toilet paper and bottled water, and now grocery store shelves are just bare. Challenging times bring out one’s true character, and quite often the worst in some. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis is no exception.

BG had a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday that, after being confirmed on Sunday, got cancelled due to state mandates that would evolve into a full lockdown by Friday. Tuesday morning her preschool switched gears and broadcast Circle Time live on their Instagram account, and Sarah went to gymnastics camp in the afternoon, which was reserved for the regular camp goers to keep the groups small (at that time all the surrounding schools were closed until at least April 6th.) I think the restrictions on Monday were gatherings under 50 people, so churches, schools, and a lot of other gathering places were shut down (for at least until the end of the month). 

Daily Circle Time and other videos got us through the week, and on Wednesday night, we made the decision to pull Sarah out of gymnastics camp. As it turned out, we were a day ahead of the governor’s statewide “stay at home” mandate. As of Friday, the state has officially begun full lockdown mode to flatten the curve.

Things escalated quickly throughout the week as the world around us went remote and virtual. (Let’s hope we don’t break the inter webs!) Last week’s press conference announced 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in San Diego county (4 of which were no residents) and by midweek that number jumped to over 60 followed by 115 by Friday. And statewide, nationwide and worldwide numbers keep climbing. A little sliver of light appeared though...for 2 (maybe 3 now?) days China (where this all started) has reported zero new cases. And as of now, there’s no evidence of becoming reinfected. Meanwhile, Europe and the rest of the world reel from how quickly this virus is spreading, as each country ignores and/or accepts the seriousness of it all, and the government officials take action at whatever pace they feel is right, as confirmed cases escalate and we wait. At this time, I feel very fortunate to live in California, where our governor hasn’t waited for federal agencies to make up their minds about what to do and has effectively taken the matter into his own hands.

So yeah, it’s kind of in our best interest at this time to be prudent and conscious of the seriousness of the situation. Our governor has buckled down and by Thursday evening we had an executive order from him to stay home unless absolutely necessary. While most of the cases in California are currently in the northern half of the state, we need to do our best to flatten the curve as much as possible. Fortunately he said we can still walk the dogs 🙃 which also means family walks and short bike rides around our little neighborhood. The main message remains: wash your hands and maintain “social distancing” of at least 3 feet from everyone not in your household. And stay home!

This week has been so surreal as events unfolded and everything rapidly changed from normal routine to an ever-changing and uncertain time. Social distancing has become the new normal. Everything by now has been closed or cancelled: the zoo, the aquarium, Disneyland (for the first time since 9/11), bars and restaurants...everything. Non-urgent Doctor appointments have been cancelled indefinitely to free up healthcare professionals for any and every emergency needed now and in the indefinite future. Oh yeah, and no more sports. All of the Spring Classics have been cancelled, hopefully to be rescheduled for the Fall. All Springtime stage races and even the start of the Giro d’Italia have been cancelled/postponed. Basically, the entire 2020 cycling season seems at risk, which has been a major bummer.

Instead of being in the middle of an exciting Spring Classics 2020, we’re at the beginning of The Great Lockdown of 2020. Homebound and finding ways to occupy our time, entertain ourselves and especially our little monkey children as we wait this thing out. Hoping not to go stir crazy, or worse, get infected. We’re bracing ourselves for the worst as we hope for the best, and pray all of our loved ones stay healthy. 

We’re sometimes entertained by social media memes that appear, as well as the reminiscent posts of bike races past to keep things light and our cycling hopes alive. Celebrities across all platforms are getting philosophical and reflective as we’re all forced to slow down and spend precious closeness with our families.

Almost on cue, as the race withdrawals were beginning, and particularly on this day when the 111th edition of Milan San Remo was supposed to happen, FloBikes rebroadcast last year’s race. As my husband went on a 3-hour bike ride and BG watched Disney+, I watched the race from my iPad in the kitchen and baked chocolate chip cookies. 

After eating 4 or more cookies, I heard that bike trainer in the corner beckoning me to burn off those sinful cookies, so I obediently climbed on and churned for the last hour of the race, effectively burning through the sugar rush. And my wrist did well! Honestly my butt hurt before my wrist, because, well, a saddle is not just a saddle 🤷🏻‍♀️

About the race: I’d forgotten how exciting the last 5K had been, and the feelings from last year returned!! It didn’t seem to matter that I knew who won or where Sagan placed (4th, missing the podium by inches!). It was just great to watch a bike race again.

Most significantly, as I watched the interviews and the podium presentation, I realized what a terrific and welcome escape from reality these last 3 hours had been. I even had to remind me self this whole Corona Crisis wasn’t just a dream. Although admittedly, when the broadcast first began and they cycled through various images of Italy, I got a bit tearful for this beautiful country that has been so devastated by the virus. My heart aches for these people, and I truly hope things start to turn around for them very soon.

Probably the biggest tragedy of the week for us (and let’s hope it stays that way throughout all this) was the loss of our Roku remote. 😖 And this time, the remote finder feature failed because, we “think,” the remote got accidentally dropped in a trash can and subsequently (and quite efficiently by my husband) thrown into the trash bin, which unfortunately was out on the curb because it was trash day that day. Of all the times to lose our most used remote...smh A replacement was quickly ordered on Amazon and we switched to Apple TV for a few days. First World problems for sure...

The irony of this is how everyone keeps saying, “We’re all in this together...we’ll get through this together, etc, etc.” Yet we’re all being mandated to stay away from each other. And so yes, we are in this together...alone 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thanks for reading the ramble 🤪

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