Friday, May 1, 2020

Some ramblings after a month of lockdown

(Note: I wrote this on 20 April 20 and forgot to post.) Well, it’s been one month now since the state of California went on lockdown, and it feels  more like six. Somewhere not long ago I read or heard “the days feel like months and the months feel like days.” So so true during this lockdown time. The weeks seem to drag on, and by the time we get to Friday we feel like a month has gone by. And we’re exhausted as if the days between the weekends did in fact add up to a month. Crazy.

I made another batch of chocolate chip cookies this weekend—the family favorite comfort food. I’m really trying to be present and mindful to cherish this time we have as a family, and it helps in those tense moments when one of us is close to a meltdown or having a rough day or morning. And we’ve done some fun stuff and laughed a lot. Baby Girl makes me laugh everyday with some of the things she says. 

Things I’m enjoying during this time:
Baking more with our new oven
Getting creative with my little one
Face mask fashion
All the memes to lighten the mood

Predictions we’d never believed six months ago:
Face mask fashion πŸ™ƒ
Selling pot will be labeled an “essential business” 😳
We will all be confined to our homes at the same time, worldwide
Zoom will be a new household name
There will be a “toilet paper run” in all the stores
No Spring Classics (in the Springtime anyway)
It will rain in Roubaix on Easter, and we still won’t have a rainy Paris-Roubaix race πŸ₯΄
No Giro d’Italia
Virtual bike races will indeed happen...with professional cyclists 😡
Villages in India will see the Himalayan mountains from 100 miles away
Pollution in major metropolitan areas will be drastically reduced in a matter of weeks
“Bear hunting” will be allowed in suburban neighborhoods
Riding your bike will become a new favorite everyone in your neighborhood 
Walking your dog will become the highlight of your day

Things I miss most:
Play dates and get-togethers with our MOPS group
Anticipating and welcoming home Daddy after a long day
Baby Girl bringing home her beautiful crafts and drawings from preschool
Surprising her by showing up early to gymnastics so I can watch her

And especially Bike races! 
Man I miss bike races. As a fan going through withdrawals, mourning, whatever this is, I can’t imagine what the riders must be feeling like not being with their teams either racing or training for upcoming races. I’m sure their families are happy to spend so much time with them, though. 

Yesterday Peter Sagan was live on Instagram, and although I missed it, he posted it for later viewing. Thanks for doing that Peter! 🀘He truly is a gem and a wise young man, and the world is a much better place because of him. Even if he did shave his head because his brothers bet he wouldn’t, maybe especially so πŸ€ͺ Why so serious, right? And his Quarantine beard is just smh worthy. But that’s one of the benefits of this time I suppose. You can not shower, shave, or wear pants for days and nobody cares cuz nobody sees you...except for the people who live with you!

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