Wednesday, November 13, 2013

40 Hours to Go, and I'm still standing...barely

Only two wake-ups to go...

WHAT a day!  Countdown is now at about 40 hours as of the time of this post.  We're both stressing and feeling overwhelmed and really excited to get this show on the road.  Delegation is in FULL FORCE! :)

The ladies had a great night last night eating, drinking and getting manicures, while the guys...well, all they're saying is "what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain." Go figure.

FULL day for Mom, Marcia and me today!  Mom and I started the day off with a T25 workout (Alpha Cardio) and she really liked it! :)  Then we took WAAAAAY too much time having coffee, Shakeology, blah-blah-blah before we got moving out the door.

If it wasn't for Marcia, I'd have gotten lost somewhere and unable to find my way home.  Seriously, I'm infected with BMB (Bridal Mush Brain) virus.  Why didn't anyone prepare/warn me about this week and how CRAZY it would be?!

Thanks to Marcia, and some assistance from Mom, we crossed a LOT of things off the list today!  And Matthew knocked off some things too, after the guys came down from the mountain!  Thanks everyone who contributed to "checks" in one way or another today!

Poor Sophie knows that something is going on but she just can't figure it out.  I tried delegating a dog walk to my Mom but Sophie wouldn't have it.  At least she's still happily taking bully sticks :)  After tonight, I get one more night to cuddle with my puppy before I become a Mrs and take off for our mini-honeymoon for a few days, and I hope I can get to sleep early enough Thursday night to enjoy it. :)

Aunt Bea (who is also my Godmother) arrived tonight!  And I felt a disturbance in the force about an hour ago...which means my little sister Christina has also found her way back home...

We're merely hours from that "let go and let God" point of things...and yet, it will all be over in a flash, and we'll be passed out on the floor unable to move for hours, perhaps days, and hopefully we'll be saying (IF we're able to utter words at all), "That was one heck of a party!"

Hang on, Honey. We're almost there!

Here's another oldie but goodie for today:  "Be still and know that I AM God."

We plan.  God laughs.

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