Thursday, November 7, 2013

A week 'n A Day

I thought I'd try posting an update everyday leading up to the big day now that there are only a few days left (yikes!).

This one will be short.  Why?  Because the word of the day has been STRESS.  Yes, a little bit of wedding stress, but it's been mostly work stress today.  I nearly had a panic attack midday when I realized I had less than 2 days to get everything done on my "list" (emailed from my manager)...

And then the migraine came...I think it was a migraine anyway.  42 years and I've never had one that I can remember.  I started getting this headache that got increasingly worse. So I took some ibuprofen to help alleviate it.  I took 2-200 mg capsules and the thing didn't budge. At all.  So I ate.  Still nothing.  And all the water I'd been chugging - still nothing.  In fact, it got so bad I got to a point where I had trouble concentrating, especially during a meeting with my Intern.  Add that to the near-panic attack stress I was already feeling and I was not doing so hot.  I complained to Matthew about it, and he suggested I go lie down and rest for a bit.  So I did...and I even took a short nap...and now it's gone!

That man is a, I think I'll marry him.  Hey Mr. Prince Charming, what are you up to next week?  Are you free around 3:00 on Friday? :)

Life is good...and God is good.  Things are getting done, balances are being paid, and we're gonna have one heck of a party next Friday night!

This time, yes, I will "Be still and know that I AM God."


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