Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Week to Celebrate Life and Love

Monday started off with a T25 workout (What?!). We haven't worked out in a couple of weeks because of my cold, so this workout was both brutal and satisfying.

After coffee and Shakeology for breakfast, we attended a funeral for a neighbor.  It was a bittersweet way to begin the Wedding Week, and yet it also somehow made sense...

When we got back to my house, Matthew's best friend had just arrived, so we spent some time hanging out with him before he and Matthew took off to run some errands.  Later that night, we all went out for Sushi (with Marc) down the street, which Matthew hadn't enjoyed for a very long time!

Today (Tuesday) started with another T25 workout, only this time with Tane (pronounced Tah-nay), M's best friend.  We introduced this retired Marine to Shaun T's Beta Core Cardio, and at the end his response was, "That was great. What else ya got?"  Spoken like a true Marine, eh?

After some coffee, Shakeology, and more hang time, it was time for me to get moving.  I stopped in La Jolla for a pre-wedding wax, and then it was off to the airport to pick up my Mom!  I hadn't been to the airport since they upgraded the "new" terminal, so I was in for a nice surprise when I got there.  I was very impressed with what they did to the place!  Almost to the point that I wanted to start traveling again...almost.

Matthew let me drive "Kitty" so Mom was really impressed when she went for her first-ever ride in a BMW - and boy what a ride!  When I punched it going down Harbor on the way to PB, she said "WHOOOOAAA! This car's fast!" as the momentum pulled her head to the back of the headrest.  We had Chipotle for lunch, got some gas, and then headed home to give Matthew his car back so he could take it up the mountain with him this afternoon for his bachelor party.

After Scott & Marcia arrived, the guys left and now it's just us girls.  Mom's relaxing in my room reading a book, Marcia's downstairs taking the stickers off the centerpiece glass items, and I'm up in my office doing wedding stuff (well, I took a break to write this, obviously).

In a little bit, we will head to Danielle's house for a girls' night in with appetizers and, of course, wine, and my cousin Roselyn will be there to give a few of the girls mani/pedi's in preparation for the wedding.

Before I go, we received our engagement proofs from our engagement shoot down in Coronado, and they look awesome!  You can see them for yourself here:  LnM's Engagement Pics

Less than THREE DAYS to go!  I'm having fun, especially now that everyone is showing up, and I'm trying not to stress about some of the things that need to get done.  I've got backup now, so it will all workout!  I just know it will.  (Speaking of working out, I can't wait to introduce my Mom and Marcia to T25 tomorrow morning! hee hee)

Today's quote for you is one I've used before, but it's one I will keep at the forefront of my mind over the next 24 hours:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

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