Friday, November 8, 2013

One Week from Today...

..."the two shall become one..."
(Yesterday I sent Matthew a meeting request for next Friday at 3:00 with this subject and it made us both smile.)

Okay, this will be another short update because I'm late chilling wine for my beloved who is on his way here after a long, stressful day himself.  Plus...I'm not done yet!  I've still got a few days before everything needs to get done!  (Pray that everything gets

Busy, stressful day yesterday and a bit more of the same today except it was more "fun" for some reason.  A late afternoon phone call from my boss (gulp) turned into a fun conversation about "make sure you eat!" and "don't stress about the little things because they don't matter."  Felt pretty good.  Plus back-to-back phone conversations with deacons that also warmed my heart.

So I took a break:  I played with the dog and took her for a little walk...and when I got back to my computer, which was around 5:00, I realized I had a couple more hours of work to do before I "shut off" for a couple of weeks.  Yikes!

I spent most of today feeling like a kid at school on the last day before Christmas break or Summer vacation...or as a high school senior on the day before graduation.  And my behavior reflected that feeling, which is why I just finished scrambling to get everything done so I could finally turn on that "out of office" assistant.

We checked off a few items from the list today, which was very good.  And added a couple of things I'd forgotten about...oops!

It's all good.

You know why?

Because God is good...and in control of it all.

And the only thing that matters is that I'm marrying my best friend in a week, and we are about to go for the ride of our lives! And we plan on taking lots of people with us!

A little "7 days to the altar" reflection:  Throughout the day, this thought kept running through my mind: "We're getting married a week from today! A week from TODAY!!  In SEVEN DAYS!!!"  And you know what?  Through all the stress, it finally hit me:  I'm finally REALLY (and I mean REALLY!) getting excited about this whole thing!  (Yeah, I can be a little slow

Matthew showed me our wedding bands last night and I almost cried.  At their beauty, at what they (will) symbolize, at their mere existence in our lives.  It's really happening.

What an amazing feeling to have yet another dream come true...

And now I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite New Testament books, Paul's letter to the Ephesians:

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” -- Ephesians 5:31

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